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Get Involed

As an all-volunteer organization, we count on the support of our community to make sure everything runs smoothly. From our Attendees to our Leadership Team, it takes a village to make it all happen.

We appreciate those currently involved and would love to have you join our little family!


Volunteer Opportunities

Be it wood busts, camp projects, event shifts, inventory organization, or helping us pass out info for events, there are always times throughout the year when we need extra hands.

We’ll post opportunities here so peek in from time to time. We count on people like you!

We are currently looking for HSA Members, HPF Work Exchange volunteers to help us at our HPF2023: Into the Night event, and even people who would just love to occasionally help!


Check out our Team & Committee List to get familiar with our teams. We are on the hunt for someone to lead our Registration and Site committees. If you have an interest in diving this deep, contact Community Involvement Coordinator at

We would love to have you join our Family!!



Did you know that HSA is a Member-driven Organization? That’s right! Outside of safety and legal decisions, our Members are involved in all aspects of our decision-making process.

If you would like to be involved in making the magic happen, visit our Membership page to learn more!


Staff Opportunities

We are always looking for existing Members to step-up into lead roles. Staff includes Directors, Officers, and Committee Leads.

If you are an existing Member looking to dive even deeper into the Organization, visit our Staff Opportunities page to learn more!



  • Reduced entry fee for HMS

  • Early entry to HMS with Committee Leads approval

  • Voting privileges and may hold an elected position (Committee Lead, Officer, or Director)


  • Must be 18 years of age or older

  • Pay $20 annual membership dues

  • Attend a minimum of 6 Membership meetings annually*

  • Work a minimum of 20 hours before, during, and/or after the festival toward the facilitation of the event in order to access member pricing for Heartland Magical Spaces

*Prerequisite – To become a member, you must attend a minimum of 3 meetings in a 5 month period. Two meetings must be Membership meetings. The 3rd can be a committee, leadership, or collaboration meeting. Once completed, you pay your dues and complete your work hours.

Committee Selection

Annually, Members select their top 3 HMS committee choices when they pay their dues. Our Community Involvement Coordinator works with Committee Leads to pair you up with the choice that best meets the needs/skill-set of the Member and the committee. During this process you will also have a chance to sign up for other volunteer opportunities such as wood busts and special events.

Steps to Membership

  • Attend 3 meetings

  • Review our Team & Committee List to get familiar with our team roles

  • Work with Community Involvement Coordinator to get your Membership Code.

  • Complete Membership Application

  • Pay dues and select HMS committee & volunteer preferences


Looking to dive even deeper into the Organization? Staff includes Directors, Officers, and Committee Leads. We are always looking for existing Members who are ready to step up and participate in the nitty-gritty details of putting together our amazing Festival and helping with our other events throughout the year!



In addition to your Membership Benefits you also get the following:

  • Committee Leads

    • May choose an adult as Guest for HMs instead of teen or pet

  • Directors & Officers

    • May bring an adult and a teen or pet

    • HMS Meal Plan included


In addition to your Membership Requirements, we do have additional requirements.

  • Committee Leads need to have been a Member in Good Standing  for a minimum of a year prior and have led a committee, trained with a committee, or have pertinent experience and applicable skills.

  • Directors & Officers need to have been a Member in Good Standing for a minimum of two years prior and have held a Director/Officer position or led a committee for one year.

Committee Teams

Community Fires - Management of HSA fires during HPF, wood busts throughout the year

Community Involvement - Coordinates with members to assign to committees; notifies members and committee chairs of committee assignments; manages Work Exchange participants during HPF; and manages Community Service volunteers during HMS

Fundraising/Merchandising - Manages the HSA merchandise being sold and the SilentAuction at HPF; coordinates other fundraising activities throughout the year

Gaea Teen - Coordinates and manages activities for teens (12-17) at HMS

Gaea Youth - Coordinates and manages activities for children (up to age 12) at HMS

Hospitality - Coordinates and manages the care of cabins; Contracts the Meal Provider for HMS and coordinates with them at HMS; Coordinates the contract for ice trailer rental for HMS and manages the ice sales during HMS

Merchants - Coordinates and manages the Mystical Merchants

Public Relations - Promotes HSA & HMS in multiple venues (PPDs, social media, print)

Publications - Coordinates and manages the newsletter and the Festival brochure

Registration - Coordinates and manages the registration process from online to onsite; Staffs the registration building before and during HMS

Sacred Experience - Coordinates and manages ritual activities at HMS (main rituals, rites of passage); Coordinates and manages Spirit Circle


Safety - Provides security services before and during HMS; Coordinates communications before and during HPF (Dispatch); Provides first aide medical services at HMS

Site - Liaisons with Camp Gaea about projects, concerns, and improvements before and during HMS; Coordinates and manages the cleaning of the shower house during HMS; Coordinates the rental of the porta-potties for HMS

Trash & Recycling - Coordinates dumpster rentals for HPF; Coordinates and manages the Trash Pirates to provide daily trash pickup service and MOOP walks during HMS; Coordinates and manages the Junior Pirate Program

Vehicular Management - Coordinates and manages the flow of traffic, the shuttle, and the parking field during HMS

VIP Team - Coordinates, manages, and executes the set-up and tear-down of the Festival infrastructure (carports, shuttle stops and traffic posts, delivery/retrieval of committee specific items to specific locations)

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