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Safeguarding Policy

HSA does not and will not tolerate harassing behavior of any kind. We aim to provide a space where all can be heard and accepted, while encouraging a culture of consent. Harassment may be based on gender, gender identity, sexual preference, religion, race etc. but also includes general interpersonal situations. Physical, verbal, emotional, sexual, or spiritual violence nor threats of violence will be tolerated.

We acknowledge that human behavior is variable and we must address situations on a case by case basis. As we learn how to better protect our community and create a culture of consent, we emphasize the importance of protecting ourselves and each other from predators, instigators, and perpetrators.

We also acknowledge that, as in any community, sometimes it takes a while for things to come to the surface unless someone finds the courage to speak out. Though no public space can be truly safe, we can be aware, vigilant, and create a space that cultivates and encourages everyone to protect each other.

Violations of this safeguarding policy should be reported to an Officer of the Organization or a member of the Board of Directors.

During the Festival, a violation can also be reported to the Safety Lead or any other Staff member. Reports will be recorded and investigated by the Board of Directors and Officers, with a decision being made at the following Board meeting or, in cases of extreme or obvious harassment, with removal from the Festival. All cases of violence will be reported to Earth Rising, Inc. 

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