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Magical Spaces

Magical Spaces

May 24th-May 27th

Gaea Retreat Center

There's Always Space for Magic and room for an Adventure

Our mission

Heartland Spiritual Alliance [HSA] is an all-volunteer organization which is dedicated to promoting the appreciation and acceptance of a variety of alternative religions and philosophies. HSA encourages participation in educational programs and activities, most of which deal with the various nature-oriented or nature-connected religions of the world, the similarities within all religions and the respectful free exchange of spiritual beliefs. We strive to maintain a well organized, dynamic and smooth running organization within an atmosphere which allows people of all religious traditions to coexist peacefully.

Give the gift of community. Gifts from you and others like you are shaping the Pagan community of Kansas City and beyond today and tomorrow. Because of supporters like you, Heartland Spiritual Alliance is able to reach and connect with the Pagan community in the Kansas City area by providing volunteer and educational opportunities, social and networking events, nature and environmental efforts, support for the arts and a host of other experiences. The easiest way to make a contribution to Heartland Spiritual Alliance is online. We welcome individual or monthly recurring contributions. Just click the Donate button below, donate, and submit!


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