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Enroll to guide a Quest, a workshop, a gathering, a circle of wisdom, or a class. Embrace the odyssey and craft your unique adventure. Conducting a workshop shall be deemed as fulfilling your community service quota.

Deadline: April 15th

Quests 2024

Make your own customized crystal wand

-with Jessica Toelle

Fae wild child that just wants to make beautiful things with others and enjoy their joy!

  • Bring your own stick and create your own Wand. All supplies will be provided except the stick. Will have crystals and other items to make it your own!

Who are we? A study of ancestor veneration and it's role in Norse paganism and other beliefs

-with Ori

Norse pagan student and educator focused on studying and sharing all aspects of the Norse path

  • Helping others learn the importance of celebrating and honoring all of our ancestors for their contributions toward making each of us unique. Followed by a ritual.

Simple Hearth--finding the higher vibration

-with Beth Sage

Beth is peace worker that has been involved with the Midwest Pagan community for over 20 years.

  • Simple Hearth is the name for a gathering that I facilitate. In this workshop we will discuss what a higher vibration is-why it is important-and explore several ways to find it within ourselves. Expect movement such as yoga and Qigong (I am experienced in finding chair adaptations), chanting, singing, and a light tantric exercise.

Energy work for all levels and traditions

-with JJ sweetass

JJ is a high priest of the English traditional witchcraft. I've spent years developing this non-tradition specific method of teaching and learning energy manipulation.

  • I will use a practical approach to teach different methods of sensing and using energy. this is an active participation workshop. I will tailor each session to the group, so that you can participate in a main ritual with everyone.

Trauma dumping ritual. Spiritual release

-with JJ sweetass

Saint sweetass has been doing innovative takes of traditional rituals for 25 years. I want to do things that help you discover your own Joy.

  • This ritual is designed to help release the trauma we all carry with us. If you feel like this maybe too much for you that's okay. For those that are ready to relinquish some of the pain on your heart and a safe space, this may help.

Sacred Warriors

-with Marilyn J Evans

Marilyn (aka She-Wolf) is one of the founders of the first Heartland Pagan Festival. She lectures, aspires to lead dangerous cults, and writes novels.

  • Sacred Warriors appear in many religions all over the world and throughout time. They are representative of the real life guardians of the people. This lecture talks about the attributes of those warriors and their place in our pantheons.

Power Animals

- with Marilyn Evans

Marilyn Evans (She-Wolf) was one of the founders of Heartland Pagan Festival. She lectures, aspires to lead dangerous cults, and writes novels.

  • How do you find your power animal? Can they change over time? What if you animal isn't pretty (help! My power animal is a tick!) Let's talk about it.

What happens when I die?

-with Marilyn Evans

Marilyn Evans (She-Wolf) is one of the founders of HPF. She lectures, aspires to lead dangerous cults, and writes novels.

  • Death is unknowable, yet near death experiences, religious writings, and mythology provide guidance for this deepest of mysteries.

Sensory activities for Shadow Work

-with Chelsea Medlock

I am a Neurodivergent and shadow work coach who specializes in trauma-informed support and somatic healing activities such as mindful movement, chakra healing, and labyrinth rituals.

  • The use of sensory activities in shadow work gives participants the opportunity to ground the body in safety while exploring the big emotions, trauma, and negative core beliefs. It also encourages participants to empower themselves through choice and tangible progress.

& Many more side quests

side quests are unplanned or unscheduled gatherings that anyone can put on at any time

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